Made it to ZDayZ again this year. I have a few pictures:

Interesting body kit on this roadster. I’ve never seen one like this before.


Z cars and a few GTR’s every where you look!


Check out the paint job on this 370Z. Looks like a map of the Tail of the Dragon!


A few ZROC folks took a ride up to the Cherhola Skyway. Look at that view!



A few of the ZDayZ organizers got giant ZDayZ stickers for their cars. Nice, I want one this big. We did get small ones in our swag bags though. This is Bryan’s tricked out for the track Z. Still haven’t been able to get a ride in it though. Someday….


We had quite a few accidents this year. A few too many people testing the limits of their driving abilities out on the turns. The staff at ZDayZ has made it very clear that this is not the place to push your limits or your cars limits and still people do it. I’m not sure what it’s going to take to get through to folks. It seems like this year there were more mishaps than in previous years. Not sure if that’s true or not though.

The good stuff: Jim’s awesome pie, ZDayZ staff and organizers (best bunch of people you would ever want to meet after ZROC), Riding with Terri in her brickyard 350Z, chatting with David Muramoto from Nissan Sport Magazine (very friendly guy), Hanging with the ZROC crowd, Seeing a bunch of folks I only see once a year and chat with on the forums or on Facebook the rest of the time and riding not only on the Tail of the Dragon (with Ernie) but checking out some other twisty roads as well.

One of the ZDayZ staff I met this year was a man named Glenn who worked the registration desk pretty much the entire weekend, while the rest of us were out having a good time. Glenn, thanks you for all your hard work! Finally, Thanks to all of the other ZDayZ organizers for a great time. Lots of fun things to do this year. We’ll Z ya next year!


Todd\'s car is on the right.

I got to drive three different cars over the course of the ZDAYZ trip. On the way down, I rode with Todd in his 300ZX Turbo Anniversary Edition. Todd’s been doing some work on the suspension and finished up the night before. In Tennessee, just before we entered The Tail of the Dragon, Todd and I noticed a noise coming from the back end.

With in minutes, the ZROC crew had the car up on jacks and both tires off to diagnose the problem. That’s the beauty of running in a pack and in particular this pack. We want everyone to have a good time and will all pitch in to make sure that happens. I’m not sure what everyone decided the problem was but once the tires were put back on and properly torqued, the noise stopped. So Todd back in the driver’s seat for his first experience on the Dragon. Once those curves got nice and tight, Todd’s eyes were glued open and all he could manage to say was “OH Shit!” I laughed my head off. If you have never been on the Tail of the Dragon, you probably don’t know what 318 curves over 11 miles through the Smokey Mountains is like. For driving enthusiasts, it feels like heaven.

After checking in at the ZROC cabin, Jim Corbett called Terri from ZCHICKZ to see if she had room for me and she did. Lucky me, I found a bed and didn’t have to sleep on the floor somewhere! Thanks Terri! Terri\'s 350Z AKA LucyShe was also gracious enough to let me drive her car around Fontana Resort and let me ride along with her during a couple of group rides. On Friday the rodes were wet and Terri’s car came out in the back end going around one really tight curve. Fortunately, she’s a great driver and came out of it easily. So now we have a story. The second day was much dryer and easier to handle those tight curves. We cruised down the dragon, scouting out a good pull off so some of us could take pictures. My old digital is a battery hog and managed to eat up the juice before we found a prime spot to take pictures from the vantage point we found on the side of the road.

On Sunday, Todd left early to get home so I stowed my gear in Tom Marshall’s car and Andy Doll was kind enough to let me ride back with him in his 240Z. Nice car with racing seats and harnesses. Andy was fun to ride with and we got to know each other better along the way. I’m sorry I don’t have any decent pictures of his car, it’s really nice. I’ll get some on the next club ride we both make it to. Gregg\'s 300ZX

Once back in Ohio, We stopped at a rest area and Gregg informed me that I was going to drive his car the rest of the way home. I didn’t hesitate on that one! Now so far, Gregg’s car is the best 300ZX I’ve been in and I’m not talking about how clean it is. I’m talking about the turbo and the acceleration. This is one sweet ride and is surely the reason I have had a big grin on my face since then. Thanks Gregg for letting me have that little thrill!

Watch this space for a special video I did with Andy Morris one of the founders of ZDAYZ. It’s my first video interview and my first video editing experience.

Dear Friends,

I’m heading out in the morning to attend ZDAYZ at Fontana Resort and ride The Tail of the Dragon! Internet access will be limited but I hope to post some pictures and get up a few blog posts while I’m there. So watch this space for updates. Z ya!