Well I intended to post from our meeting but honestly, this crowd is too rowdy. Next time maybe they shouldn’t let some of these guys drink until after the meeting.


I’m testing this from my new android phone. Hope to be able to do some live updates from the ZROC annual meeting later today.

ZROC Heritage Tour

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Lee’s Nissan Z Roadster turned out to be a show stopper. It’s also quite a chick magnet. ( A Z chick magnet that is.) More women gravitated to this car than any of the other cars. Many of them remarked that they would love to have a car like this. Here is a hint for Nissan: You might want to consider this when designing and marketing your cars. I’m sure there’s a way you can figure out how to get more women into the drivers seat if you put them into a roadster.

Of course it could also have a lot to do with the shine on this car. Check out the reflections:


One family that visited the ZROC area had a little boy about three feet tall who walked around the car several times watching his reflection in the car. It was really cute to watch.

Earlier, a young girl, all dressed in pink with a pony tail, walked into the center of the ZROC space, stopped to look around, spotted Lee’s car and grabbed her father by the hand to drag him over to the car. Truly this young lady is a Z Chick in the making.

A few more pics of Lee’s Roadster:





Still to come, pictures of the 370Z and the GT-R.

This is a test post from my cell phone. I will be live from The Columbus International Auto Show at 3pm today. Stop by the Nissan display and say hello. You can also follow my tweets: http://twitter.com/merrycricket
I will also be there from 11 am to 7pm on Saturday. Come see the history of the Nissan Z!

OK, I have my schedule set for when I’ll be at the Columbus Auto Show. Feel free to come by the ZROC display on Friday any time between 3 and 7pm. Or on Saturday between 11am and 7pm. Hopefully, I will be able to do a little live blogging from the show in between meeting and talking to other Nissan Z enthusiasts. The ZROC crew and cars will be along the north wall of the Convention Center near the Nissan dealers diplay.  I hope you will stop by and introduce yourself. Z you there!

ZROC has been invited to participate in the Columbus Auto Show this coming March 19-22. ZROC has selected 10-12 cars that best represent the history of the Z and members will be on hand to discuss the Nissan Z, the club and anything else Nissan Z related. You will find us next to Nissan along the north wall of the Convention Center. Please stop by and say hello. We would love to talk to you about our cars and club events. I am planning on being there. I’ll post later once I know my schedule so you can chat with me. I wouldn’t mind my twitter pals coming by to say hi either.

I will be live tweeting (follow Merrycricket on Twitter) and if I can manage it, live blogging my stint at the show. Stay tuned!

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