I spent the day washing, polishing and waxing the Z for tomorrow. The first ride of the season is a tribute to the heritage of the Nissan Z car. The ZROC gang will be visiting all three Nissan dealers in Columbus. We will gather at Buckeye Nissan, in Hilliard, between 10:00 and 10:30 am and hang out for a few hours before we leave enmass to Nissan North on RT 23 north of 270. We will stay there through lunch and visit with the staff and show off our cars. Finally, the crew will head over to Germain Nissan in the afternoon for our last stop. If you are out any where near these three dealers, stop by and say hello.

I will be twittering and blogging from the sites as well as taking a few pictures. No, I won’t be doing that while driving. I might even get a couple of videos in if I can. Until then, I’ll Z ya later!


So through Erica at Horse Power and Heels (mentioned in previous post) I found Eric on Twitter (@AuctionDirect) who requsted that I be a part of his Tweet-Great and answer 10 questions about cars. He them posted it on his Tweet-Greet page. Thanks Eric! Nice to tweet you!

Members of my Z club, ZROC are in Chicago the week end for the Midwest Z Heritage Fest. Given my current state of unemployment, I wasn’t able to go. I am looking forward to hearing all the stories and seeing the pictures from the members that did go. In the mean time, Andy Doll, one of the club members I rode home from ZDAYZ with sent me some pictures of his 240Z work in progress so I can post them. Here they are. It’s a sweet ride!

Pretty isn’t it!

My Z isn’t running. I have been trying to get it working and I must now admit that it is beyond my expeirence. So, now what to do? It’s sping, it’s warm and all I want to do is drive with the t tops off. Over the next few days I will be reading my manuals and trying to narrow down the problem.

This is what’s happening: The car has been sitting because I don’t drive it in the winter. I replaced the battery today. The one I had in there wouldn’t hold a charge for very long and wasn’t generating enough Umph to fire the engine. So, after several tries with the new battery, the car started. It ran fine for a few minutes, then as it became warm, the engine ran rough then died. Cranked the car several times, it starts again, then dies. Now thats all it will do. Even with my foot on the gas, it dies. So, must do research. Maybe make some phone calls. What a downer!

My car club, ZROC is gearing up for the season and I’m afraid I may be sidelined. That would suck out loud!

More later on this. In the mean time, visit my clubs web site and see why this is so depressing.


I’ll Z ya later.