Saturday was a perfect day to kick off the ZROC driving season. Beautiful blue sky day and lots of Nissan Z cars to enjoy. We started the day at Buckeye Nissan. The ZROC crew rolled in and by the time we were ready to roll out, there were 30 of us representing the heritage of the Nissan Z.


When we left Buckeye Nissan and headed up 270 to Nissan North, it was quite a site to see. Nissan Z cars four wide and six deep on the highway. No I didn’t take any pictures of it. I was busy driving!

Don and Joyce came out in their Roadster:


Later, Don returned with their GT-R:


Nissan North treated us to a cook out. Thanks folks! Always great to see you all! They also hung out a banner welcoming the ZROC crew! Awesome!



After lunch, a few members left for home as they had “honey do” projects waiting for them and the rest of us headed out to Germain Nissan for the last stop of the tour.


A few more pics from the day:











That’s enough for today. The sun is out and the Z is calling. I have an oil change and a rear brake job to do today. I’ll Z ya later!


I made a slide show of the ZROC Crew at the Columbus International Auto Show. It includes some pictures of the 370Z and GT-R from Nissan’s display. I hope you enjoy it.

I got into the convention center before the doors opened this morning. I came in early just to see if they would unlock the GT-R for me so I could get some pictures. The staff working over at the Nissan display are a really great bunch of friendly, accomadating folks, so I will have some pictures for you tonight or tomorrow of the GT-R and more of the 370Z as well as our club cars.

This morning has been pretty busy and we have been enjoying some great stories from other current and former Z owners. A lot of the older folks go for the Datson Z’s with that far away look in their eyes. Most of them recalling their youth and their first Z car. The younger set naturally gravitates to the newer cars. They’re more attracted to the idea of twin turbos and four whell disk brakes.

Last night, Jim and I watched a man from several yards away, walking towards the ZROC area with his eyes fixated on the Datson Roadster we have on disply. He was aman on a mission. Jim and I joked about it while we watched him approach. There are Z lovers and then there are those of us who freely admit we have the sickness. At ZROC, we understand you. Hope to “Z” you here sometime today. We would really like to hear your stories. You can also follow me on Twitter (@merrycricket) I will be posting a few picks through out the day.

I have a ton of pictures. These are just a few of them. All of the cars pictured here belong to members of the Z and Roadster Owners Club (ZROC). I have pictures of the new Nissan 370Z and the GT-R for you. If you check my flickr pics in the sidebar, you will find a picture of me in the 370Z. I think I look pretty good in it even if it isn’t my favorite color. 🙂



That’s enough for tonight. I’ll have more tomorrow. Plus I will be at the show all day tomorrow. Stop by the ZROC area right beside the Nissan display along the north wall of the convention center. If you have a Z story, we want to hear it.

At the auto show, the ZROC club is displaying multiple Z cars that best cover the history of the Z car. In 1984, Nissan issued a special edition 300ZX Turbo to celebrate 25 years. One of our members, Todd, has his on display. Todd is here tonight along with his car. Stop by and talk to our club members.

While I was at the Arthritis Foundation’s Auto Show, I got to talking to Tim Davis about my car and how it was running like crap. I have been chasing down little vacuum leakd for a while now and was getting just a little tired of it. Tim suggested I talk to Brett from Ramey’Z about bringing the car down to his place outside of Cincinnati to put it on the smoker and find all the leaks at once. So I did and the next day (Sunday) found me traveling to Brett’s shop. He tested the car and only found 2 small vacuum leaks. So why is it running so bad? Tim showed up about that time and the two of them started asking me questions about the car and the work that had been done recently. Brett decided to check the timing and found it to be way off. A few more questions and their thoughts were that the timing belt may have jumped a tooth. So the remedy is to do a timing belt change.

Tim tore into the car and you wouldn’t believe what he found. The picture is what’s left of my timing belt tensioner.

Missing a few bearings there?

Missing a few bearings there?

It’s hard to tell from the picture but the tensioner is missing about a third of it’s bearings and the front seal was gone. Littered around the area of the timing belt were ground up pieces of what used to be bearings. I was very close to owning nothing but a parts car. Having the tensioner go or losing the timing belt would have been catostrophic to the car. As luck would have it, Brett was working on another 300ZX timing belt that day and was replacing the tensioner in that car so I got custody of the old one which was still in fairly good condition. A new timing belt went in and my car was running like a top! On the drive home, I noticed that the car had it’s power on acceleration and I also had my great gas mileage again. I usually get over 30MPG on the highway when the car is well tuned. No bad for a 6 cylinder 86 engine. I felt so relieved and confident in the work that Brett and Tim did, I took the scenic route home.

I highly recmmend Ramey’Z if you are in need of work for your Z. They specialize in the ’90-’96 300ZX but know there older models as well. Oh, they’re also responsible for most of the “Bling” you see on the turbo 300’s in my flickr photos.  If you need to have Ramey’Z work on your 300ZX, call them at (513) 348-6517 to make arrangements. When I finally get a decent job and can afford it, I plan on having Ramey’Z do the mods for my car.

The ZROC crew participated in this years Arthritis Foundation Auto Show. Jim Corbett from ZROC took 1st place in the Nissan – Datson class. Congratulations Jim! The rest of us had a great time talking to the show visitors about our cars. We may have picked up a couple new members among the guests. As usual, we brought our canopies and coolers showed how ZROC rolls! I can’t tell you how much fun it is just to be around such a great group of Z enthusiasts.

Because it was for a good cause, I cleaned up the Girlie Z and entered her into the show, knowing I wasn’t going to win anything. My car is what I call a work in progress and is pretty far from being in arms reach of a trophy but getting there is part of the adventure. It was nice to meet some other female Z lovers while I was there. I had a wonderful conversation with a woman that onced owned an 86 300ZX like mine. She said she loved to drive it and really misses it. Maybe after today she will consider another Nissan. If you live in the Central Ohio area and you have the Z sickness, please join us! We would love to have you!

Me with the Girlie Z

Me with the Girlie Z

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